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about  clyde

What do you want to be when you grow up...?

Some kids have an answer at the ready... some kids don't. At age 60, I realize I might still be answering that question - that's ok... maybe it will keep me young!

Motivated by the arrival of my late grandmother's Steinway grand piano, I started playing music at the age of 14.  I suppose I inherited her love for music because within a year I wrote my first song and have continued to create music ever since.


I studied music at Cal State Long Beach in the late 70’s and earned a degree in music composition. There was an incredible music scene there at that time, which attracted dozens of talented young musicians who have since gone on to have brilliant careers as A-list players in Los Angeles. I had the honor of playing music with many of these guys for years, and most importantly, I developed close personal friendships that endure today (link to player bios). 

From the late 70's through the early 90's I worked constantly as a keyboard player. And I wrote a lot of music.  I wrote for TV and radio commercials, corporate videos, and low budget film productions.  In short, whoever was hiring -  that's what I was working on. But I had more specific aspirations - I wanted to write film scores.  I was writing music for picture but it wasn't really the genre I was looking for.

In 1990, the love of my life in my life entered into it, and with Ingrid came a new ambition… to be a Family Man.  So I made the difficult decision to leave the music industry, went back to school and became a chiropractor. This turned out to be a great decision for me. I was good at the 'doctor thing' and it helped me to become the kind of husband and father I wished to be. It also allowed me some time to continue to write and play music, and this time 'for desire' instead of 'for hire'.

Music brings me incredible solace, and peace of mind. It inspires and it motivates.I hope that my music might do the same for you. If so, please download your favorites and share them with everyone you know! 

It is my intention that there will be lots more coming... so come back often.

With Love, 



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